Isis Pérez-Villán


Isis Pérez Villán


She begins her music training at the Conservatory of Palencia (Spain) and continues her piano studies under the supervision of Manuel Carra, who notably influenced her understanding of music and led her to set her solid piano technique.

In 1999 she concludes the Professional Piano Studies with Honours, and in 2002 she obtains her Piano Teacher Degree at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid. She also gets her Chamber Music, Music Theory and Accompaniment Degrees with the professors Fernando Puchol, José V. Cervera and Emilio Molina, among others.

Later, she completes a Piano Post-Graduate with Daniela Carapelli at the Conservatory «Giuseppe Verdi» of Torino (Italy), where she also studies Music Composition with Alessandro Ruo Rui, furthering her studies with Antonio Baciero, Sergei Yerokhin, Ana Guijarro, Billy Eidi, Vadim Gladkov and Josep María Colom.

As piano soloist she has performed in multiple concert halls and auditoriums of Spain and Italy and has played live for Spanish National Radio.

Currently, she's member of Daexis Trio with the violinist David Otero and the clarinetist Héctor Abella, with whom she plays from 2007 in Arsis Duo.

Her compromise and interest on piano didactics led her to follow the Doctoral Study Program at the University of Valladolid (Spain), which she succesfully ends in 2016, researching on the development of creativity through the music improvisation in the first years of piano lessons.

She is piano professor from 2008, having taught in several conservatories of Castilla y León and Cantabria. Nowadays she teaches at the Conservatorio "Jesús de Monasterio" de Santander, in Cantabria (Spain).