Isis Pérez-Villán


Isis Pérez-Villán plays the music of «La Sonrisa Robada» (The Stolen Smile), novel written by José A. Abella and winner of the XII Castilla y León Critics Award.

Between January 1949 and December 1953 the young German girl Edelgard Lambrecht had an intensive exchange of letters with the Spanish poet José Fernández-Arroyo. This correspondence will change the life of both of them. Edelgard loves the literature almost as much as the music, and loves the music almost as much as the silence. She believes that the silence is formed by tiny musical notes in which the heartbeats of God can be barely heard. Based on Edelgard's letters, on Fernández-Arroyo's diary and on years of research on the Second World War and its early postwar, this novel is an unique witness of the suffering of the German people in their less known aspects.

Music of «La Sonrisa Robada»

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Select a track:Schumann - Träumerei
Beethoven - Claro de Luna | Liszt - Liebestraum
Schubert - Heidenröslein | Granados - Andaluza
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